1kW Solar Panel Price in Lucknow

May 06, 2020

solar panel in lucknow

Lucknow is famous as the City of Nawabs and it’s the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. It is also quite popular for food & culture. Mughlai cuisine is the most popular here. Metro, Railway, Airport, Ola & Uber, and Public Transports are available for travelling. According to a survey   Lucknow has approx. 1 lakh homes and these homes are having basic home appliances and at least one air conditioner. 90% of homes (90,000 homes) having inverter battery and the average electricity bill of these homes is approx. 3000 to 4000 per month. There are minimum power cuts (at least 5-10 minutes) here. Only 15% homes (15,000 homes) having solar energy, so we can say that solar company has 75% opportunity (75,000 homes have not installed solar panels) to expand solar business in Lucknow city.

Solar Panel in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

In the first section, we have discussed an opportunity for solar power in Lucknow city. We should also know how many types of solar panels are available in Lucknow city. As per consumer’s conversion, homeowners want to install a grid-connected solar system which reduces their electricity bill as well as export solar power to the grid. UP Government has also given a subsidy of solar panel as well as approved Net Meter within 15-30 days. Solar Panel & Inverter are the main components of the Solar Power System, so there are many solar companies, manufacturers, installers, dealers & distributors who are working here. But, the major problem is how homeowners will find near wise solar solution providers.

solar panel installation in lucknow

To solve this problem, Loom Solar introduces the Loom Solar Business portal whereas 1500+ solar professionals are available. Homeowners can contact them free of cost via email, phone. Homeowners can request them to visit their location. They give 100% Free Solar Consulting Service to homeowners.  

Solar Panel Price in Lucknow

The price of the solar panels depends on its quantity, quality, service, and brand. We are giving you a rough idea, so the homeowner can easily cost estimate.

For 1kW Solar Panel Price:

  • 3 * 375 Watt – 24V Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 36,000
  • 3 * 330 Watt – 24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 34,500
  • 5 * 180 Watt – 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 37,000
  • 7 * 160 Watt – 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 42,000

*All the prices above include GST, Home Delivery

Solar Panel Shops in Lucknow

We are all living in a Digital Era and Mobile Users are growing day-by-day. Almost all services are available on the internet. Faridabad based solar company, Loom Solar is India’s No. 1 Mono Panel Manufacture and its partners are available in Lucknow city. Below is its partners' list:


Solar Panel Installation in Lucknow

Loom Solar has been successfully installed a small-medium-big solar system near wise Lucknow. It has an expert solar engineer who understands consumer requirements very carefully and gives proper solar solutions. If we talk about the consumer satisfaction level, it is approx. 90%. Below is some solar panel installation portfolio of Lucknow city.

  1. 7.5kW Off-Grid Solar Power Installation in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


In this blog, you learn the basic information about the overview of Lucknow city, which types of solar system Lucknow homeowners should install, how much is the cost of solar panel in Lucknow, what is the best platform to find solar panel installer, dealer, shops, etc. In the next blog, we will discuss Pune city.