1kW Solar Panel Price in Kolkata

May 08, 2020

solar panel in kolkata

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal and it is also known for Howrah Bridge. Kolkata is also an organized city similar to Lucknow and Pune whereas you will see high-rise apartments, flats, metro, airport, railway station, local transports, schools & colleges, etc. Bengali is the mother language of this city, but 90% citizens of Kolkata also know Hindi language. Kolkata is the second electronics market of India after Chandni Chowk, Delhi that’s why most of person of this city belong from engineering background.

Here, an electricity condition is good and homeowner has been already install inverter battery in their homes for small power cut situations. They are using basic home appliances, such as Fans, Cooler, Mobile Charging, TV, Lights, Refrigerator, etc. some owners are also using air conditioner here. We know, an electricity bill is increasing day-by-day as well as the home consumption is also increasing too. People are thinking – how to reduce an electricity bill for my home and business. We all know that Solar Power is an alternative source of energy, but as per discussion with Mr. Sumit Singh - East India Regional Manager of Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. that he told us that people are not adopting solar power due to the lack of solar awareness. According to Mr. Sumit, the people will install solar panels with the following benefits. Let’s see:

  1. Solar Energy is green energy & environment friendly that will never harmful for us,
  2. High Electricity Bill – Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 per month electricity bill here,
  3. Power Cut Problem in Mainly Summer season in Kolkata and it's near wise location, and 
  4. Investment Opportunity – Get Payback within 5 years & Enjoy 20 years of free electricity.         

Solar Panel in Kolkata, West Bengal

In first section, we have discussed an opportunity of solar power in Kolkata city. We should also know how many types of solar panels are available in Kolkata city. As per consumer’s conversion, home owner wants to install grid connected solar system which reduce his electricity bill as well as export solar power to the grid.  West Bengal Government does not Net Meter below 5kW and on single phase meter. We know, 75% home’s electricity bill is less than 1000. Then why home owners will install 5kW Solar System. Loom Solar introduces new technology product which solves this problem – AC Module. It is grid connected solar system which works without Net Meter and product range starts from 375Watt to 1kW, 2kW, 3kW, 5kW, 10kW, etc. We recommend that you should install this solar system with Remote Monitoring Device.

solar panel installation in kolkata

To solve this problem, Loom Solar introduces Loom Solar Business portal whereas 1500+ solar professionals are available. Homeowners can fill free contact via email, phone or personally meet. Homeowner can request them to visit their location. They give 100% Free Solar Consulting Service to homeowners. 

Solar Panel Price in Kolkata

The price of solar panel depends on its quantity, quality, service and brand. We are giving you rough idea, so the homeowner can easily cost estimate.

For 1kW Solar Panel Price:

  • 3 * 375 Watt – 24V Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 36,000
  • 3 * 330 Watt – 24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 34,500
  • 5 * 180 Watt – 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 37,000
  • 7 * 160 Watt – 12V Polycrystalline Solar Panel – Rs. 42,000

*Above all prices include GST, Home Delivery

Solar Panel Shops in Kolkata

solar panel shop in kolkata

We are all living in Digital India and Mobile Users are growing day-by-day. Almost all services are available on internet. Faridabad based solar company, Loom Solar is India’s No. 1 Mono Panel Manufacture and its partners are available in Kolkata city. Below are its partners list:


Home owners can get the following benefits from their homes, such as 

  1. Technical benefits
  2. Technically explain
  3. Home Delivery + Installation support
  4. Service support

Solar Panel Installation in Kolkata

Loom Solar has been successfully installed small-medium-big solar system near wise Kolkata. It has an expert solar engineer who understands very carefully consumer requirements and give proper solar solutions. If we talk about the consumer satisfaction level, it is approx. 90%. Below are some solar panel installation portfolio of Kolkata city.

  1. 720watt off Grid Power Installation in Kolkata, West Bengal


In this blog, you learn the basic information about overview of Kolkata city, which types of solar system Kolkata homeowners should install, how much does the cost of solar panel in Pune, which is the best platform to find solar panel installer, dealer, shops, etc. In next blog, we will discuss about Kolkata city.